Hello. I’m Georgina.

I’m a copywriter, pop culture fanatic and film fiend.

I’ve been writing for six years now, and I’ve picked up a fair bit of experience along the way.

B2C and B2B agency copywriting, blogging, feature writing, journalism, radio ads and scripts are all part of my vocabulary. I’m also well versed in all things digital, which means things like social media, content marketing, SEO and UX are in my blood.


Why do you need a writer?

If you don’t need a full time copywriter, don’t have the budget for an agency and are tired of the bland content farms, then a freelance copywriter could be just what you’re looking for.

Freelance copywriters are kind of the boutique option, because we give you the freedom and flexibility to cover specialist topics or niche subjects. And, because we work for ourselves, you’ll always get that little extra sparkle. We try extra-hard, because hey – we’ve got our reputation to look out for.


Why hire me?

I’m passionate, creative and approachable. When we work together, you’ll get thoroughly researched content, clearly written articles, better search rankings, and plenty of communication along the way.

I’m based in Bristol, so if you’re local I can pop into your office and meet you and the team. If you’re further afield, we can Skype, call, or email. I like to keep in close contact with my clients, just to make sure we’re working together as one happy team.

Sound good? Let’s get started. Any questions? Ask away.