Top Three: Blue

To celebrate the UK release of Abdellatif Kechiche’s Palm d’Or winning LGBT film Blue is the Warmest Colour, I’m going to give you my top four films about ‘blue’. So without further ado:

Blue Velvet (1986)


David Lynch’s nasty shocker has divided critics the world over. Hailed by some as a ‘masterpiece’, others claim it’s nothing more than a ‘cheap joke’ (Roger Ebert). Whatever you feel about this one, you can’t help but stand agape and dare I say – in awe? of Blue Velvet’s  raw brutality, sadism and sexual desperation. I’ve watched it once, once is enough.

Three Colours: Blue (1993)


A personal favourite and one third of Kieslowski’s sumptuous Three Colours Trilogy, Three Colours: Blue stars Juliette Binoche as the sole survivor of a car crash that kills her daughter and husband, a celebrated composer. Leaving her house and all of her possessions, she sets out to estrange herself from all emotional ties. A deeply sensual film about loss and freedom, Three Colours: Blue is a must-see art house gem.

Blue Collar (1978)


Paul Schrader of Taxi Driver script fame makes his directorial debut with comedy-crime-drama Blue Collar. Starring Harvey Keitel, Richard Pryor and Yaphet Kotto as three workers unhappy with the financial hardships associated with life on the Detroit assembly lines, Blue Collar offers a radical and vicious attack on trapped workers and big industry exploitation.



      1. Which one of us are you talking to? I’ve never seen Debbie Does Dallas! What kind of a perv do you think I am?? :-p Think I’ve seen, like, one porn movie in my life. (the obvious one)

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