Screengem: Danny’s Tricycle in The Shining

I’ve been busy writing for the Big Picture Magazine, and here is my latest article for them! I take a look at the significance of Danny’s Tricycle in Kubrick’s famous horror – The Shining.


A Big Wheel tricycle. The epitome of American 1970s childhood; a bastion of good, clean fun and innocence, and staple toy of choice for the all-American kid. To see it is to imagine wide, tree-lined streets, fresh air and mom’s laundry drying out in the sun. Yet here, in Kubrick’s Overlook Hotel, the tricycle is reimagined as a horrifying symbol of malevolence. It becomes an inverted image of childhood; a spinner of suspense, a possessed vehicle of ill-intent and a symbol of psychic terror….(read more)




  1. Excellent write-up! :-) God I need to watch this again. Considering it’s one of my favorite films, I haven’t actually watched it in years. And can’t believe I haven’t watched Room 237 yet!

  2. “Rather than an icon of youthful abandon, the tricycle has now become both a manifestation of innocence gone wrong and a tool for propelling Danny deeper into the bowels of the Overlook Hotel.” – love that sentence. The Shining is a terrific film that never ceases to amaze – no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I’m always terrified about going around that corner with Danny.

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