Top Five: Splatter Flicks

Splatter films are my guilty pleasure. I just LOVE them! It’s the overdone camp-ness, the ridiculous scenarios, the ingenious special effects….in conclusion – I’d far rather watch a man plough through a crowd of the undead with a lawn mower than watch a chick flick, any day.

This post will list my favourite five, that is, ones I enjoyed – ones with humour amidst the gore. I’ve banished the more unfriendly exploitation films to ‘honourable mentions’ at the bottom.


The Evil Dead 2

Ah, Bruce Campbell. A true hero. This was my first ever splatter movie, and I never looked back. Featuring an animated severed hand and a chainsaw body extension, the Evil Dead 2 is a real cult classic. A highly enjoyable romp through the gutters of bad taste.

Day of the Dead

Hailed by some as the ‘ultimate’ horror film, Romero’s Day of the Dead is the more gory of the trilogy, and truly fulfilled the expectations of exploitation fans the world over.

Ichi the Killer

From Japanese gore director Takeshi Mike comes Ichi the Killer, a film about a sexually repressed murderous lunatic. This well-known splatter classic is not those with weak stomachs.

Zombie Flesh Eaters (Zombie 2)

Another undead favourite here, Zombie Flesh Eaters, or simply ‘Zombie’ is a personal bad-taste favourite, if not solely for the tag line: “we are going to eat you”. Featuring one of Fulci’s best known trademarks – the “eyeball gag”, Zombie 2 is just…magnificent.

Braindead / Dead Alive (US)

From Oscar-winning Peter Jackson comes Braindead – arguably the finest film to have ever come out of Australia, or indeed, the world. Described by David Stratten of Variety Magazine as “an orgy of bad taste and splatter humor”, I think this is better than ALL of the LOTR series put together. Why? Featuring zombie sex, a zombies vs lawnmower fight and a extravagant birthing scene, Braindead is just too good to miss. Note: try and go for the 97 minutes version, as other versions have cut out some of the gore (boo!)

Honourable mentions:


Cannibal Holocaust, The Beyond, The Human Centipede, Hostel, Maniac, Planet Terror, Nekromantik, I Spit on your Grave, Basket Case, the Wizard of Gore, Street Trash…



    1. Thanks for reading, Keith! Dead Alive is my favourite too, it’s the humour that makes it : ) I also heartily recommend Peter Jackson’s ‘Bad Taste’ and ‘Meet the Feebles’ if you haven’t already seen them – just as disgusting!

  1. Wait – you removed a movie but left The Human Centipede in here?! Now I’m wondering JUST how bad the one you removed must be!!! ;-) I’m a total total wuss about gore but do have a thing for zombie movies (mainly Romero ones). Love Day Of The Dead! Bub is awesome. :-)

    1. Thanks for reading :) I’m afraid so, it’s a hundred times worse than the Human Centipede…worse than A Serbian Film, the lot. I hope you never see it!

      Ah, another zombie film fan, good to hear!! If you like Romero then you HAVE to watch Fulchi’s Zombie and Zombie 2 if you haven’t already! Stop by & let me know what you think when you’ve seen them!

  2. Great post! Not my favourite genre, I must admit. I’m a bit of a fuss when it comes to all horror to be honest! I did watch Evil Dead for the first time a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed that though so I’m intrigued to see the second one.

    1. Thank you for reading :)
      It’s certainly a love or hate genre, and I think you have to be quite a fan to put up with the sub-standard acting/plot… Glad to hear you likes the first Evil Dead – the second is even better. Let me know what you think when you’ve seen it!

  3. Great post, Georgina! These are five great selections. I love that you put ‘Day of the Dead’ on here, as I don’t really think that film gets the credit it deserves. I’ll always be a bigger fan of ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ but ‘Day” certain has some repulsive moments. And also ‘Ichi the Killer!’ That movie is the definition of insane! I also noticed that ‘Basket Case’ was in your honorable mentions. I just watched that movie the other night and I’m planning a review for the weekend. That was such a bizarre splatter flick. Great stuff!


  4. I’m embarrassed to admit that I still haven’t seen Braindead (I know, and I call myself a film fan!). So now you’ve mentioned it, I must get hold of it this month. Just out of interest, would you have an ultimate favourite out of those listed here (I know “favourite” is as vague and unhelpful as labels go)? Possibly Braindead? I have a bit of a soft spot for Evil Dead 2 as well, and don’t quite know what to think about this upcoming remake/reboot. It looks like a completely different tone; I’m not convinced a straight Evil Dead has much of a chance. Does a humourless Evil Dead even make sense?

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! I completely agree with you there, it’s the humour that makes the Evil Dead! A humourless version doesn’t seem to make sense at all to me…

      Not seen Braindead!? Well then, that’s great- you’re in for a treat!! I would say that yes, it is my favourite of the lot, it’s the messiest (Jackson employed the use of a fire hydrant for all the gore in the final scene!) and it’s the funniest… and possibly the most imaginative. I think these are the main ingredients for a really entertaining splatter movie… You won’t be disappointed! You must let me know what you think of it when you’ve seen it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  5. Hi Mark! Thanks for reading :)
    I am pretty much an ambassador for Braindead ;) i love it! Glad to hear you like it too. Have you seen any of Jackson’s other early works- Meet the Feebles, Bad Taste…?

  6. Great list! I love Day of the Dead but it isn’t my favorite Romero flick. I like Dawn better, Ichi the Killer I have yet to see. Looking forward to watching it. Dead Alive rules! Great post, thanks!

  7. Thanks for reading, Victor! I agree with you, Dawn of the Dead is the better film, but Day just nudges ahead in terms of gore ;) it’s disgusting haha! Let me know what you think of Ichi the Killer when you ger round to watching it, i hope you like it! :)

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